Miss|Placed Women is part of the PSi15 Conference, meeting June 24-28, 2009, in Zagreb, Croatia. Please see the official PSi15 conference web site for detailed times and locations. Delegated and street performances listed below are subject to last-minute changes.

The shift will consist of

  • Delegated and surprise performances on the streets of Zagreb by Elena Marcevska and Tanja Ostojic
  • Scheduled performances by Sonja Ivekovic and Violeta Luna at the Zagreb Youth Theater
  • Sreenings and presentations of additional material, followed by a public discussion

Wednesday, June 24

Thursday, June 25

  • Elena Marcevska will perform CHAE (45-60 min.) on the streets today. Check times and locations here.
  • Sanja Ivekovic directs Sonja Pregrad in the 2009 version of Practice Makes the Master
    11:00pm Zagreb Youth Theater (This performance is also part of the East Dance Academy shift)

Friday, June 26

Miss|Placed Women Performances and Discussion

Additional performances and presentations followed by a public conversation between the artists and audience, moderated by subRosa and guest Bettina Knaup.
5:00pm – 8:00pm Zagreb Youth Theater, Misko Polanec space

Program order

  • Tanja Ostojic  Misplaced Women (performance, 15 min. at entrance to Zagreb Youth Theater)
  • Violeta Luna  Border TRIP(tych) Parts I & II: Shrapnel of Remembrance (performance, 30 min. inside Theater)
  • [ short intermission ]
  • Elena Marcevska  MOTHE{r}IGHT (15 min. video & presentation)
  • Roberto Varea  Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo & Theater for Identity: A Genealogy of Truth & Justice (25 min. video & presentation)
  • wo.kolektiv  (15 min. presentation)
  • Tanja Ostojic  (10 min. presentation)
  • [ short intermission ]
  • Discussion with subRosa, the artists & audience. Introduced & moderated by feminist curator and cultural producer Bettina Knaup.